Bean and the Boys

1. I really enjoyed 'Dry' by Augusten Burroughs, particularly this line:

"Think of your head as an unsafe neighborhood; don't go there alone"
This quite accurately sums up the state of parts of my times...a lot of the time even. As I look closer into what's going on I come across more slums, derelict mansions, dark and silent alleyways..if you don't shine a light you don't see the junk piled up in the corner.

2. I've been thinking a lot about sub-personalities, archetypes and the symbolism of the Tarot. I'll post my findings here in the near future.

Also, inspired by Pop Occulture's Pop Culture Tarot, I've started putting together my very own assortment of home-made cards representing the chief players that run amok through my unconscious.