Integral Spiritual Center

The integral blogsphere is awash with talk about the Integral Spiritual Center (ISC). This is Ken Wilber's new big thing and I think it's an important step forward in the development of all things integral.

However, as someone who manages a large website for a living, I'm dismayed to see the entire ISC website is built with Flash. This means the website is not fully accessible.

Many blind, partially sighted and disabled people use 'assistive technologies' that will not work with Flash. Thus ISC is closed to a section of society soley because the web developers couldn't be fucking arsed to build the site in HTML.

This is not integral. It's shite.


Tim said...

It's shite, but hey! - it's Kewl and Kosmic - just like Ken :)

BTW, I absolutely agree with you on regarding the usability thing.