basic goodness

Last night, on the way home from Angel, I stopped to look at what is now the King's Cross memorial garden. I looked at the flowers, at the posters and flags with messages ('Londons Portuguese are not afraid'). I watched people slowly walking through the garden, watched them line-up to sign their names in the condolences book outside Boots.

And I was struck, stuck by the basic goodness of people, the basic warmth and heart of people. The insight went deep and I felt warm and sad and loved all these people and loved London, again and again and again.


Umguy said...

Why does that feeling have sadness in it? Being overwhelmed by the beauty of people and the world. But it surely does. Thank you for the post.

martin said...

Hello Umguy

Thanks for the post, sadness can be a good thing to, I think. I've
been enjoying your blog and have similar thoughts about my meditation



Anonymous said...

yes well i get the same feeling from everthing and the girl!

Anonymous said...

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