THAT is not it

I read the first ten pages of Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now'. It was ok but I had to put it down after a while, I really couldn't deal with the faint aroma of the new age that drifted out from between the pages. Non-dual lite, you could call it, aw, I'm being a bit mean...but that's what I got from the book.

Nisargadatta, Nisargadatta, Nisargadatta, he ate the new age for breakfast.


been broken said...

i agree! some good stuff, but... it's a bit too sanctimonious for me.

martin said...

yes, he could have said it all in a dozen pages, rather than two or three books

Anonymous said...

ummmmmm!this possibly isnt the place to put it but try a book called cougar annie's..its about a women whom lived her on the west coast and did a lot of stuff thats neet and had to be done!its fun and a little scary..ohhhh booo!