why blog?

Tim and Hannah made some interesting comments to my last posting (see below). Here’s are my thoughts:

So, why do I blog? Why do I send an hour on the web in the evening after spending all bleeding day on the web at work?

I think for me there are a number of motivations.

1) a form of self-therapy

2) a way to create new relationships

3) friends I don’t see often can catch up with my thoughts and activities

4) a way to learn and discover new things

5) a means to start writing again

6) a way for people to discover me and find out just how fab I am!!!

Motivation 1 has not worked, mainly down to the fear of the potentially negative consequences to 2, 3 & 6 if folk start to see just how terrible/mixed-up/dastardly I actually am. 2 and 3 have worked to an extent, 4 has definitely worked, I now have a good list of excellent blogs I visit every day or so. 5 is slowly picking up. 6? Ah well…let’s refer that to 1.


Tim said...

Mmm. Your '6 Reasons' made me look at things a little more deeply. Let's see if any of them apply to me:

1) Do this using other forms
2) That would be nice - hasn't really happened yet. (Not including yourself, of course!)
3) Don't have a wide enough range of friends who I'm not already in touch with - except perhaps ones who've moved away.
4) Not Sure
5) Yes, I used to write copy for web sites for a while - and before that, poetry and lyrics.
6) Pass :)

Umguy said...

So far 4 & 5 seem to be what I am doing.

Though there is also some kind of mind-filtering process where you get to see which thoughts emerge as the ones you want to write down and send out.

It feels like some kind of useful examination and maybe even has the potential for insight over time.