Dream 23

Last night I almost had a lucid dream. I dreamt I was a burglar and was climbing up a high wall to break into someone's house. I thought to myself 'ohhh, I'll hurt myself if I fall' and then I thought 'ah...it will be okay because I'm dreaming!'. And with that I just went back into the dream and forgot I knew it was a dream... if you see what I mean. Man, that was frustrating!

I'm on an web accessibility course this week (two days). The first day (today) was excellent, I really feel I'm getting some very useful tools to help me check over the endless web front-ends that various people want to whack up onto my work's website. I found yet another 'integral' website coded completely in Flash. I can't believe these people, they take a two week 'multimedia' course and then inflict their unusable websites on the rest of us.

I'm bored of supporting Chelsea FC, it's no fun any more, I want some misery! I think I'll start watching Ely City FC, come on you Robins!

No meditation tonight, I drank two bottles of Tiger beer with Mel and Jo, that's why I'm here, fooling about on the web. See yah!


hannah said...

Who's running the web accessibility course?

martin said...

The course was run by London Connects, an e-gov organisation funded by London boroughs and the ALG etc. As far as I know it's only open to web folk working in local government. I can recommend Webcredible who run very good web accessibility courses.

Anonymous said...

Talking about accessibilty...what about this site...the colour contrast is so bad...I can hardly read some the text....sort it out

martin said...

fair comment. I will choose another blogger template in order to facilitate PW reading my blog after a night in the pub.

Anonymous said...

bugular ehh?

only one thing you can play to satisfiy that ..the damned burgular(scabies only good record)singing any way.