Reason to Believe

No posts for a while now. I'm so busy at work and often do not feel like turning on the PC when I get home. Hey, perhaps I need to get a Blackberry thing and and I could do posts on the train to and from work. Yeah!

So a short post to say 1) I'm switching my main meditation practice from the evening to the morning which means getting up at 5.40am, 2) Despite hating TV I'm enjoying Lost 3) My dad's website is now live at:

Cheers and love to you all!


Tim said...

I enjoyed 'Lost' for the first 5 or so episodes. Then it seemed to disappear up it's own fundament. One Red Herring too many :)

I'm back on to TeleTubbies now. Daytime TV is ruled by Len (18mths) :)

martin said...

Yeah, it's a stupid plot but just right for some pure escapism and a few glasses of beer/wine after a hard days work and meditation sitting.

Ceebeebies rocks!