Oil under Rockall

1. Great to see that Per from the excellent 'Mystery of Existence' blog is now writing for Gen Sit.

2. Inspired by Per (see above), I've been reading up on Bryon Katie's 'The Work', and tried it out on an outstanding 'issue'. And by golly it worked! More on this to follow.

3. It took me 8 clicks to get from a Integral Naked email to the advertised MP3 download. Why are all Ken's websites are so poorly designed? From a usability and accessibility point of view they are just awful.


Tim said...

Hi Martin,

Let me know if the outstanding issue you dealt with using The Work remains resolved.


martin said...

thanks Tim but it appears to have 100% sorted itself out... Have you tried Bryon Katie's process? Any thoughts?

Tim said...

Yes, I used to use it. I've found that for a lot of people (myself included) it only works if people 'process' any emotions involved. If they just get a cognitive 'hit', it doesn't last - or else there's something deeper to do.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings :)

martin said...

so you'd do the BK work and then finish it off with an EmoClear process...?

Tim said...

Well, I'd use my belief changing technique thes days


But there are lots of processes on EmoClear that are pretty good.