Slacker news

So I've been somewhat lazy with this blog and not getting much down.

Jo and Harry are in France (Toulouse) right now, leaving me behind to go to work and feed the dog. I sang Jo a few lines from the Stranglers' song 'Goodbye Toulouse':

"Your streets were paved with love
Your skies were blue
Goodbye Toulouse"

But she wasn't that impressed. I should have sang it to Harry, he thinks most things I sing are pretty cool (though he is four and a half years old).

Anyway, this leaves me, and the dog we're looking after (Tiny), on our lonesome. Hmmm. So, tomorrow (Saturday) is forecast bright and sunny and we're going off on a grand adventure! Yes, a fine 10 mile walk from Brandon to Thetford (no website for Thetford!) along the Little Ouse river. And when we return to Ely, a lovely pint in the Prince Albert before falling exhausted into our beds.