Pnow Satrol

So my Sister wants a CD by the dreadful Snow Patrol for her birthday. Oh my...I suppose I should really stop playing the wise (ha!) older brother card, I mean she's old enough (40 in two weeks) to choose her own music, sure...but Snow Patrol? Okay, of course I will buy her the wretched CD, but I'll also put together a CD of some fab new tunes for her, including - Lily Allen, The Mountain Goats, in fact, talking of the Goats, take a look at their new video, it's sublime:


hannah said...

If you feel like doing 2 copies of that CD then... :-)

I've been listening to very little new music, The Arcade Fire and a few other Montrealer bands have really caught my attention but other than that my musical journey has been fairly back-in-time: reacquiring old tunes and extending my collection of laid back francophone tunes to subliminally practice my French on. But I'd be happy to reciprocate with a disk:)

martin said...

sure thing, i'll send you a copy. For cool French sounds you should check out this excellent MP3 blog::