Peak Oil activities

I've so many thoughts, ideas, questions and feelings I want to get down on the subject of oil-depletion, peak oil, the post-carbon it what you will.

I'm trying to see how I can group my posts under headings, which will hopefully help to clarify things.

Here's my working list of Peak Oil activities (POA):
  • budget - work out what we have, what we spend, where we can cut-back, where we can save
  • growing food - starting with the back garden, moving on to the allotment (when we get one), a spot of guerilla gardening and even the balcony at work. All using permaculture design techniques.
  • activism - mainly focused (for now) on Transition Town (city!) status for Ely
  • theory - applying Ken Wilber's Integral AQAL approach to all this
  • psychological / spiritual development
  • physical health
  • clear understanding of the facts, theories, options
  • more, more, more, there must be more but that's it for now, dinner is calling!


Anonymous said...

hey your blogs taken on a new lease on life, what with your community activism and climbing seems you have too - this is good. Cheers Edgar