Stages of Oil Depletion Grief

I like this list from Dr. Michael E. Mills' essay 'Evolutionary psychology and peak oil':
  1. Denial:"Peak oil? Baloney! There's lots of oil left. No worries, mate."
  2. Anger "It's the damn ________'s (oil companies, governments, OPEC, etc.) faul that oil prices are going up. They're gouging us. The bastards!"
  3. Bargaining:"But what about new oil discovery technologies? What about biofuels? I can keep my SUV, right? Someone, or some new discovery will save us ...right?"
  4. Depression: "Damn... no renewable energy source is as energy dense as oil, or quickly scalable... Holy crap. We are _________ (in for a rough ride, doomed, etc.)"
  5. Acceptance:"Ok, even if we are in for a rough ride, what I can do? What can I ask my government representatives to do? How can I make a difference? How can I prepare? How can we support research into potential technological breakthroughs?"
I haven't read the essay in detail but will do later this week, it certainly looks intriguing.