Wild Youth

Sadly the title of this post ain't referring to me, sigh...but hey, this is going to be a jolly post with no mention of Peak Oil (dah!)

A weekend of climbing, hurrah! The Monkey Boy and I are heading up to the Castle this morning for a couple of hours of wall stuff. Then we're off to a kids/parents party, staying the night finally at Sam & Anna's.

Sunday sees me popping off to Mile End to start my three week bouldering course, which I'm hoping will finally get me over my grade 4 plateau.

Have to stop soon, Monkey Boy wants to get on to play games.

Just to leave off on the right cheerful note, here is a video clip of Generation X playing 'Wild Youth' in 1977, fab.


Anonymous said...

You know when I was a teenager I had a poster of Billy Idol on my wall, much mirth it caused for some reason

martin said...

heh, heh, well i can kind of understand that. If it had been a poster of Generation X on the other hand...