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  • Travelled down to Staines by train for my Dad's birthday celebration (happy birthday Dad!) at Lucy and Nigel's house.
  • Ate a lovely dinner
  • Checked out Lucy and Nigel's fine allotment (felt a tad envious at all their lush veg, including chillis...slobber, slobber...)
  • Travelled east to Mile End Climbing Wall for lesson two of my bouldering course. And a jolly useful lesson it was as well. Learnt some very useful techniques, now feel pleasantly tired
  • Watched an amazing video clip of Brad Lancaster talking about how he created a beautiful verdant garden in the Arizona desert using permaculture water harvesting techniques. Well worth watching (very short as well) part 1, part 2
  • Need to finish reading 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress' by Robert A. Heinlein. The book is the first on the list of the The Post Apocalyptic Book Club, of which I am a member. I've read about a third so far, so should be able to polish it off on the train too and from work tomorrow.
  • So much going on, so much i want to do and act on. This is very good and makes me happy.
  • The track below has been playing in my head all really is a great number (though the clip itself is not that hot)
The Associates - White Car in Germany