Back in the UK

Hiyah all, well I'm back home, though not yet in Ely.

At present I'm in the lovely village of South Petherton in Somerset. The village is thriving and includes a local butcher, fishmonger and grocers shop. The village also boasts a transition initiative, what a place! It is great to be in a somewhere where local produce is so plentiful, the whole place feels alive...

The holiday in Brittany and Dartmoor was great and I'll post more about all that when I arrive home at the end of the week. Aside from eating, drinking and the odd bit of climbing I also did a lot of thinking and writing. I'm coming home feeling enthusiastic and motivated...more about all this later.

Adios! Farewell!!


Edgar Crook said...

Welcome back! or something like that, great to get away and come back with fresh thoughts. I look forward to reading them.