Death to Queen!

Terrible news!  It all started in France.

Harry enjoyed sitting in our friend's car with his pal. His pal's dad had a bunch of CDs, one of which was Queen's 'Greatest Hits'.

So...last night, Harry walks into the living room bellowing out ''We are the champions, no time for losers" and then "Another one bites the dust".  Horror of horrors, enough to make even the Great Cthulhu weep.

What a nightmare, my six year old (nearly seven) likes Queen, one of the top three lousiest bands of all time (The Cardiacs and Coldplay being the other two, as you all know).

After all my diligent efforts, playing him The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Rezillos, this is what happens!

So, what to do?  All out attack on this heresy is tempting but (I suspect) 100% self-defeating. Best just ignore it, it will go away, hopefully.

Yes, it will go away. I can remember thinking 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was the greatest thing EVER when I was 12.  And what happened?  I grew out of Queen, as sensible folk do.  Thank heavens for Johnny Rotten and punk rock, phew!


Edgar Crook said...

You know I have been through this all before, it will pass. All of my three liked Queen, they are very singalongable. Children's taste you will often find is quite poor but don't despair keep up with the other music, they will absorb it, only last night I was foisting Leonard Cohen on my youngest, he complained like billy o but I did not relent. But also be aware that disparaging music they like will make it more attractive, and be thankful that they appreciate music at all.

martin said...

indeed, indeed, words of wisdom indeed ;)