The End of Suburbia

Just come back from seeing The End of Suburbia at a friend's house. We're planning to show this film at a public meeting in Ely this autumn.

The film is about how Peak Oil spells the end of this aspect of the American dream. The concept of suburbs was based on cheap oil, the ability to drive to and from your place of work, shopping centres, entertainment. All of this now threatened by the decline in easily available carbon-based energy.

And of course, this is easily applied to the UK.

After the film we retired to the excellent Prince Albert, a fine pub in the tradition of The Pineapple in the early days when it was the HQ of the the Tufnell Park Militia.

Over a few pints I talked to some new people who expressed an interest in getting involved with Transition Ely. Emails addresses were exchanged and slowly but surely we're connecting with others.

Here's the trailer for The End of Suburbia:


Edgar Crook said...

hey, You should read a book I just did called Great good place it has a sustained and well thought out attack on suburbia, not for environmental but for social reasons, but any critique of suburbia I am in favour of.
Oh and btw I fundamentally disagreed with your comment in response to my Obama post, but hey that's what friends are for! :-)