Sunny Fen morning


On this warm, bright, fen morning I start again with a weblog. I have a desire to get things down and out into the open. Other stuff as well, dreams, thoughts, desires, hopes and fears.

The Mojo 'punk special' has no mention of Crass, which is odd. Interesting how the 'post-punk' bands (Gang of Four etc) are getting all the plaudits right now (and rightly so), while Crass are ignored. There's a story that needs writing here, Crass were incredibly influential, they changed people's lives, the way people thought and acted (for better and worse). The travellers of the 80s, the illegal raves, the anti-globalisation movement, you can trace the footprints of Crass in all these and more. The band had their faults, that's for sure, but my respect for what they said and, more importantly, what they did has not faltered since the late 70s when I first heard Shaved Women (still sounds great!).


bean said...

Well said that man ;) CRASS weren't content to strike a pose, when they talked of anarchy it was as a vision for a new world and new possibilities, not as a fashion statement (even though we all dressed in black to show our allegiance :D). As I approach my 40th year the flame they sparked inside me still burns strong, albeit without the need these days for the big boots, army surplus shirts and spiky hair (if I had any left to spike that is).

Having said all that, the band that really fired me up (and still do) are Conflict. If CRASS described the vision, Conflict voiced the reality of getting us there, warts n' all. For this working class council estate kid it all made perfect sense.

And it still does.

You seem to have taken a more 'spiritual' path, one that this old atheist couldn't countenance, but I've met some pretty cool Buddhists in my time :D I'll put you on my blogroll (I'm new to this blogging lark but I believe that's the right term!) and pop by from time to time, I like what I've read so far. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

crass yes well they had it never lost it and are regaining it!(somehow)in the 2000..with people still destroying this planet faster than anything ever before(or once were gone)we still dont get it ?or do we!we just ignore it because if we didnt we would kill ourselves and leave the planet to the people whom dont think that way..and well we just couldnt live with that now could we? FIGHT BACK!