not pushing

I'm reading 'Don't Push the River' by Barry Stevens. She writes about exploring herself, about approaching reality, authenticity. She worked with Fritz Perls, the 'father' of Gestalt Therapy.

I read the book on the train home from work this evening. I looked out of the window at the fields, sheep, sun and clouds. I felt inspired, I felt frightened, I felt like I don't want imprisonment in this 'personality'...and how hard it easy to live in a real way, not pushing against the river not straining against what actually is.

And I had lots I wanted to say but now it feels quite late after spending some time reading through some Integral blogs. It's good to feel inspired though. I'll come back and write some more soon.

Ah yes, that's what I wanted to say...something about not caring anymore about what anyone thinks. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say not letting my fantasies about what anyone might think, not letting that stop me from saying what I need to, and have to, and want to, say.