sore legs


Today I undertook a three and a half hour walk from Ely to Waterbeach, following first the river Great Ouse and then the river Cam. It was a good walk though I was knackered by the time I wearily sat down on Waterbeach station.

I then took the short train ride into Cambridge and checked out the second hand bookshops, finally coming away with Lama Anagarika Govinda’s ‘The Way of the White Cloud’, which look like an excellent mix of travel-adventure and mysticism.


ebuddha said...

Just found the site - welcome to the blogosphere. Are u ok with being thought of as an "integral blogger?". :)

I have dreamed about traveling the England via train - so many movies I've seen have this, in particularly reflective moments, interspersed with such beautiful scenery, that I'm half-convinced there's a hidden enlightenment in England travels.

Although I suppose that in movies around the world, train trips often have this significance.

martin said...

Hello ebuddha, yes I'm happy being called an integral blogger. I was inspired to get started by the excellent Gen Sit and other great integral blogs (such as your own.).

Trains are great for medative contemplation; it must be that steady chugga-chugga rolling motion that helps give the mind something steady to stay with. Somehow, on a train I find it easier to just start letting… the… mind…go.

Funny you should talk about dreaming of travelling through England, I’ve often had similar dreams about the US after reading Kerouac years and years ago. I guess in the US you can get on a train on one coast and not get off for a couple of days until reaching the other side. Likewise here in Europe you could start in London, take the train via the channel tunnel over to France and then hop on to the Trans-Siberian express and end up in China…phew! Trains beat planes and cars all the way.