That dream again

Last night I had my recurring dream again. I call it the 'stuff in my mouth dream'.

In this dream I'm always out-and-about somewhere in public when I realise I've something chewy in my mouth. It feels like bubble gum or toffee oreven gravel. I ignore it for a short while and then, surreptiously, start to trying to get the gunk out without anyone seeing.

I want to do something with this dream but what? Shall I try and act on it in the dream itself or dialogue with it in the Gestalt style while awake? If the former, what should I do? Swallowing the gunk feels like I'm suppressing the message.

Perhaps (in the dream) I should just stand there and sick all the stuff out, in front of everyone...get it all out and fuck what they think! Hmmm that feels good but does require a level of lucidity in my dreaming...well, I've done it before (lucid dreaming that is) and could do so again, with a bit of work.


hannah said...

hello there martin. weblogs eh? mine is dead boring - just an account of my intermittent failure in the dual tasks of losing weight and giving up the fags. but now you know where it is.

Anonymous said...

hello perhaps youre grinding youre teeth or what i do clench -ing them..glad to see youre well!