Orange Juice - perfect for summer

I bought a copy of ' The Glasgow School' by Orange Juice. It's a compilation of all their early material and is quite wonderful, a timely reminder of the almost perfect nature of OJ's pop music. Punk, Velvet Underground, Soul, Country, it's all there, packed into the band's slightly arch, often whimsical, always humorous song-writing.

I saw Orange Juice half a dozen times or so in the early days, they were perfection, this album is lovely! Here's a review of the album from The Guardian.

Burn yr Keane, toss out Coldplay, fall in love again with glorious, life-affirming POP!


Anonymous said...

funny that i just read the review in the paper this morn sounds just right ive got the l.p. somwhere but htey might sound better on c.d.