Probably inherent

I tried reading 'Tantra in Tibet' by the Dalai Lama, Tsong-ka-pa and Jeffrey Hopkins but it all got a bit too much. Most of it is pretty incomprhensible to me but I liked the following section on the seven steps (reading from bottom to top) of the process of passing from a mistaken notion to clear apprehension of the truth:

7. direct perception
6. inferential cognition
5. correct assumption
4. doubt ending to the factual
3. equal doubt
2. doubt tending to the non-factual
1. wrong view

One can also present this as:

7. n/a
6. n/a
5. I do not inherently exist
4. I probably do not inherently exist
3. Maybe I inherently exist and maybe I do not
2. I probably inherently exist
1. I definitely inherently exist

In my unmindful way I spend most of the time assuming my own inherent existence, it's only when practicing mindfulness, contemplation or mediation that I find the assumption starts to unravel. Only when the mind ceases its endless chatter, only then can what is real begin to unfold.


Umguy said...

I am endlessly amazed by just how much chatter there is my mind. Why is it such a difficult obstacle?