Cold cod

I had the misfortune of hearing 'Fix You' (or something) by Coldplay today. It really is one of the most awful tracks I've ever heard, worse than the Cardiacs, and that's saying something. Coldplay are so awful it makes me swoon (heh!), the very thought of them make me feel faint. They are just so horrible that words fail me.

So, to help us all along, here is a wonderful (legit) MP3 called 'Hi Ho Silver' from Freakwater's fab new album.


Anonymous said...

Get over it .....Fix you is an excellent track....and as for the cardiacs...truely unique...truely original....and totally excellent....after 20 years of denial...isn't it time to let go...after ulimatley one with them

martin said...

the realisation of non-duality does not imply the end of quality. Some 'things' have greater depth than other 'things', otherwise we're left with nihilism.

I saw the Cardiacs four times in the 80s and each time I found them more unbearable than the last. You can't say I haven't given them a chance!

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