Halloween Kids Shamanic party fun

I don't want my four year old (Harry) to go out trick or treating on Halloween. He (we) might be invited so I'm trying to sort my thoughts out.

I didn't go trick or treating when I was a kid, Halloween wasn't celebrated much in my part of North London. Sure, I had heard about it, heard how kids went out trick or treating (along with all the horror stories of razor blades hidden in apples) in the USA, but it never occured to me to do the same.

So why should Harry get involved in what is, in reality, a pretty threatinging activity ('give me sweets or I will do X')? What's more, I can bet the parents that follow the younger kids round from house to house wouldn't like it if Harry actually played the game and lobbed a rotten egg at someone's door if they hadn't offered up the requested booty.

No, instead it's a case of going from door to door demanding sugar. I don't see anything I like in this, begging for sugar? Sorry, I just can't do it.

So, how about we do it properly? Forget trick or treat, let's organise a full-on kids' pagan party!

Yeah, get a BIG bonfire going in the back garden, make some REALLY scary masks (not those crapola ones from Woolworths), put some LOUD Shamanic drumming on the CD player (or even better hire some drummers, they can sit in the corner of the garden with a couple of litres of cider) and chant the night away! The kids will love dancing around the fire in masks, chanting into the dark skies...

This would be a real Halloween party, why, we could even try and summon up one of Great Cthulhu's crowd, they would adore the Fens, all that lovely water.

And after the kids have gone to bed...the parents could really get going...


hannah said...

I always did the halloween party as a kid. Not trick-or-treating much - just to the houses of people we knew, and I suspect my parents had managed to OK it in advence - but the party was great.

Top tip:
Hands behind back. Then -

Start with bobbing for apples.
Then play get the boiled sweet out of the tray of flour.
Then eat the jam doughnut off a piece of string.

All without using hands. Voila! Kids who look like vampires. Bonus points if you get any adult men with beards to have a go 'cause they look really funny (ref: my dad, the seventies).

martin said...

Heh, heh. Actually, now you mention it, I do have a vauge memory of bobbing for apples from way back when...