Now's the time

It's been a good start to the year in many ways. I feel focused, have mediated everyday for 35 minutes, planning to push on through to the 45 minute stage, where, so I've been told, 'things start to happen'. Haven't had a drink since new year's day and plan to stay on the wagon for the next three months, excepting next Friday when I'll probably get somewhat drunk at the Freakwater gig.

Took Harry down to London to see The Gruffalo at Hampstead Theatre with his beloved pal Hamish. The play was great a fine adaption of a pre- bedtime favourite. The boys had a great time shouting and singing.

Last night I had a lucid dream. I found myself walking down a shopping street with my old mate KC. Somehow I became aware of my dreaming state and mentioned this to KC. 'Look, I'll show you this is a dream', I said to him. I picked up a dustbin, walked up to a shop front and threw the bin at the window. The bin bounced noisily off the window without breaking the glass. 'If I had been daydreaming that then it wouldn't seem so real' I remarked to KC.

My last three lucid dreams have seen my dreaming-self test the dream state by acts of vandalism! Next time I really must do something more interesting, like flying, summoning Joe Strummer for a jam session or, or...anything rather than just smashing stuff up (as fun as that is).

Well done Chelsea, Orient, and Burton!


Umguy said...

I just bought a couple of books on lucid dreaming but haven't really had time to look at them. Are you working on actively cultivating the skill?

martin said...

I'm not actively cultivating the skill but I am interested in my dreamlife and report odd and repeating dreams (I opened up a Gmail account just for my dreams, it's great because you can set up all kinds of labels & filters for different dreams etc) when they happen. I think this and my meditation practice all increase my chances of lucidity.