Google angst

I'm a bit miffed with Google.

A while ago, a search for 'martin black' bought back my website ( as the top link (not for any particular good reason, but it pleased me - dosen't take much!).

Then along came the other martin black ( who bumped me off the top spot. Hell, I didn't mind that much. Being number two to an 'Eclectic Horseman', a real western dude, was ok. After all, he has a business to promote and a herd to raise (or something) and I just have an erratic blog and a few pages of out-of-date banalities.

But what I can't stand is dropping right-off the first page of results and ending up on the seventh page (along with 'Martin Extreme Multivolt Scanner MX10 - Black')

What have I done to offend Mr Google? (sniff, sniff, sniff)