To trust in awareness

I sat this morning, in a state nearing concentration, for thirty minutes. At some point, early on in the mediation, I noticed myself drifting off towards sleep, so I opened my eyes and fixed my attention on flame of a candle. To my surprise I found that I was immediately aware of 1) space 2) silence 3) a general sense of physical 'heaviness' and 4) that my 'thoughts' had slowed down and felt 'further away'.

I've not experienced this before. In the past my concentrated states have felt more 'gluey', as if my attention is 'fixed' onto its object, like velcro or a magnet.

So, this was my first concentrated sit of the year and if I've learnt one thing from this rather barren patch it's to keep on keeping on! One just has to sit, through 'good', through 'bad', the instruction is to sit, follow the breath, stay with it, quite simple, no right or wrong, just follow the instruction. SIT.