I'm going to the Limoges for my holidays on Tuesday. I'm pleased to get away right now, I'm feeling pretty fed-up with work. It will also be Harry's first time out of the country and his first time on a airplane, he's dead excited about the prospect of flying. As am I. I still love flying, the thrill of take-off and landing is as great now as it was when I was Harry's age.

Perhaps part of the reason I still enjoy flying is because the take-off reminds me of certain illicit substances I used to enjoy at times in my 'wild' youth? Maybe.

I'm going to burn a few CDs. One Jazz, one soul, one classical and one rock 'n' roll. The jazz CD will be especially important, I strongly associate France with Jazz. So I'll make sure to include the great Dexter Gordon, who's time in Paris was imortalised in the brilliant film Round Midnight.

Here's a track by Dexter, just to get us all in the mood.

So, no internet for a week...just how will I manage? ;)


Umguy said...

Hope it's a great time. I feel your lack of internet pain. Don't know how you'll manage.