Integral web design?

The newly designed Ken Wilber site is built largely in Flash, potentially shutting out blind and physically disabled users. I find this astonishing, though not surprising; the Integral Naked site is an accessibility nightmare, over-engineered and difficult to navigate.

I sent an email to the designers of KW's site asking whether accessibility was built into the design. I await their reply with interest.


Karl said...

Man that site is far too busy trying to be trendy!

I had a look at the source and could see anything to tell me that it was accessible. Also using tables.


martin said...

yeah, the designers didn't bother sending a reply to my query...I wonder why? Pathetic.

segovius said...

Ursa Minor seem to have disappeared.

I have a metaphysical question which I would ask Ken if I ever met him: how the hell do these agencies get these gigs?

It's basically an amateur site. Unbelievable.

martin said...

I suspect KW dosen't even realise blind & disabled people are basically shut out of his site.

The designers gave a whizzy presentation, KW said 'wow', they got the gig. Who's there to tell KW? Certainly not his other web designers, go look at Integral Naked, another mess.