Turning it all around

So, there's this old pal of mine and he's come over from Canada to see his mates in the UK, and I know he's been here more than a week...and not yet contacted me. And the stories in my mind kept turning, the resentment rising, the stories turning, the tales told, getting bigger and stonger, more angry and...well...so on and so forth and it was making me unhappy, all this resentment is not good.

Then a little voice mentioned the Bryon Katie inquiry work I'd looked at earlier this year, and her concept of turning it all around. So I did the steps...and it was magic. Within seconds I felt light and free and open and able to relax. Able to think of my pal and know he'll be in touch soon, and it's okay and as it is and should be...and...that I'd rather be happy than right.

Quite amazing stuff. I do feel a little hurt by my pal but no longer angry and resentful...and that, my friends, is something kinda lovely.

The Mystery of Existence blog has an excellent summary of Bryon Katie's inquiry process in a post appropriately entitled 'Piece of Hot Coal', worth checking out (scroll down the page a bit, or better still, read the entire post...)


Tim said...

Works for me too :)