Gorillas and and alligators

I'm reading Jung's autobiography 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections'. It's an inspiring read and pretty much essential for anyone interested in dreamwork and innerwork of any kind. I'm particularly interested in his experiences of the anima, one area I'm looking at in some detail at the moment.

I recently had a series of dreams involving fierce animals, specifically a gorilla and an alligator, not sure what to make of it all as yet.

Football season has started, do I care? Yes and no.

I'm on the wagon for this month, hard work but it's giving me time to get down to other, more urgent work.


hannah said...

I've stopped having a month off each year, and started having a week off each month. Results in more sober time overall, but is a fair bit easier to do...

martin said...

yeah, well my time on the wag only lasted a couple of weeks