Sky mind

So, I was walking up the road to my home. My mind was fretting away about this and that. I felt unhappy with my thoughts, not only for their content but also for their repetitive nature, as if I had known the same endless cycle for decades.

In exasperation, or perhaps desperation, I put down my shopping bags and looked up at the clear sky. Suddenly the thoughts dropped from my mind and for a few mind and the wide open sky appeared to be one boundless continuum. Then a question appeared, 'how would it feel to live life like this?'.

I knew the answer immediately. I felt open, light, free and untroubled, without need for defense or judgment. Yes, this would be a wonderful way to live.

It didn't last for long and quickly I could feel myself coming back to the narrow confines of my everyday mind, locked in it's little skull, sulking and bitching about this and that.

But...I know it's there, something infinitely bigger and's a matter of not forgetting...and practice.