Great lost singles of our time II - 'Richmond' by Pinpoint

Cover of Richmond single by Pinpoint Pinpoint were formed in London sometime in 1978 and were comprised of ex. Lurker Arturo Bassick (guitar and vocals), Dave Allen (bass and vocals) and Hugh Griffiths (drums).

The single Richmond was released in 1979 and is a little punk gem. The song concerns the wealthy London suburb of Richmond and its young rich inhabitants, later know as 'yuppies'. It is a blistering little number with snappy lyrics, the sort of thing you really want to hear very loud after three of so cans of Stella.

The b-side is rubbish, everything they did after this single (one awful album and a brace of terrible singles) is rubbish. The record is also responsible for causing the first major argument between me and my then girlfriend (now wife) who protested (reasonably) that she knew a number of very nice people in the royal borough and it was thus unfair to tarnish the whole town with this punk rock slur.'s a superb single. Pinpoint were never heard of again, Richmond is still very rich.

Listen: Pinpoint - Richmond

A few interesting points:
  • The line in the song: 'in Richmond, where the cigarettes are menthol'. Funny how menthol cigs are considered posh by Pinpoint while the Clash, at more or less the same time, sang nostalgically about 'smoking menthol' on the track 'Stay Free' from the 'Give em Enough Rope LP'.
  • The line 'holiday in Malta': that sunny isle was also referenced, at more or less the same time' by the Members on their first album, 'At the Chelsea Nightclub'.
  • The single was apparently covered by Die Toten Hosen, I'd love to hear an MP3 of this if anyone has it.


Edgar said...

Aha - cheers, song 2. I still have this on a tape compilation that you made for my birthday in '84 I think - stills plays just about. As to menthol cigarettes I prefer the Clash's view of them as a kid's cigarette, they were certainly viewed as that when I was young. The reason being that the mint flavour would supposedly better hide the aromatic evidence from parents.

martin said...

Back in the 80s my (then) Soul Girl sister smoked menthol, I hated them. I remember once using one for a spliff, man it tasted rotten!

Quantick said...

I saw Pinpoint supporting the Members,,,

Anonymous said...

The cover version con only be found on the flipside of Die Toten Hosen's 7" -Baby Baby- from 1991.
It isn't on their -Learning English Lesson One- album. Want a mp3?
Cheers from Germany, Heiko

martin said...

Hi Heiko, thanks for your comment. Yes, I'd love an MP3!

Anonymous said...

Martin, sorry for late reply. In the best Ramones tradition just call me D-U-M-B... I just dunno how the hell to send it via this blog!? Email me at heiko1234 AT and I send it to you.
Cheerzzzzz, Heiko