On the way home

Returning home from London to Ely on the commuter train this evening and it’s great hearing the Viking Youth boys back from Burning Man. And they are talking to Erik Davis and it’s all this wild California grand mystic madness and then onto Philip K Dick, then Burning Man itself and everything in general…psychedelic consciousness in particular.

And I’m listening to all this on my mp3 machine, chuckling way amongst my commuter colleagues and then on the way home, same mp3 machine switches itself over to ‘In and Out of Grace’ by Mudhoney and I’m swept away into this trance-like state of unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll bliss, it’s that red VMeme swinging its hips and grinding down like a young Elvis on the stage in Memphis, or something.

Anyway, I’m walking home with this Mudhoney track, in this kind of trance and somewhere slightly distance from ‘me’ this voice perks up and says ‘oh I hope we don’t meet any Mr/Mrs neighbour right now, cos we are all psyched up and it reminds me of tripping with those mushrooms all that time ago’ and I’m half aware of my trance and half aware of not meeting Mr/Mrs neighbour.

And it’s fine because the sun is setting over the Fens and I round the corner into the home straight and Mudhoney fade away, leaving only the teenagers on the side of the road watching me fumble for my keys.


Edgar said...

Hi, thanks for linking that, I had not come across Viking Youth before. I much enjoyed the talk by Erik Davies. It is interesting his discussion on the rise of counter culture and spirituality stemming from the Gold Rush in California, the same sort of thing (though on a smaller scale) happened to Melbourne in the Gold Rush over here.

martin said...

Melbourne, sounds interesting...I was thinking of looking into the idea of doing a similar thing around Hackney...the old TG Death Factory still survives across the wrong side of London Fields