South of the Denver sluice

Life seems very busy at the 'mo, especially at work where I've just finished putting together a 'writing for the web' course and then giving two sessions of training to staff. Wow, training is tiring work, fun but tiring.

I really need to get my sitting practice back together again, it really fell apart after my June retreat and I've not managed to get it sorted again...

Also, feel the need to do something with my body, start running again or a class in Aikido, perhaps there's something I can do in Cambridge?

Still working my way through KW's new book which is inspiring and baffling in equal measures. KW is one of those writers you can go back to a year later and get something completely new from, so I'm not worry about the sections of the book that fly past me.

Off to Bristol this weekend to see Myriam and Brendan. The last time I went to Bristol was to see Fugazi back in the late 80s, and what a fine gig that was!


Tim said...

Funny, I bought a pair of 'Jogging Pants' today. Then I arrive home and check out your posting. It's my intention to get the body sorted a bit as well :)