Transition notes - 19 July 2008

Haven't got much time this morning, off to the Castle to climb with Harry.

  • last night's mini-meeting of Ely Sustainable City / Transition Ely (whatever we're called) was inspiring, fun and very creative
  • I saw blackberries on sale in Waitrose, packed in plastic, driven 100 miles plus across the country from Kent. Hey folks! Blackberries are FREE and grow all around Ely, open your eyes, go pick, pies for all!!
  • our neighbour's sugar snap plant - I have never tasted sugar snaps like this. Crunchy, refreshing and soooooo sweet. It is true what they say about locally grown food.
Anyway, got to run, have a fab weekend.


Edgar Crook said...

You know over here Blackberries are considered a foreign pest and wherever they are found growing wild, some government knob comes out and sprays them with herbicide, so no picking for me unfortunately.

martin said...

man, that is truly scandalous