Start digging...

Spent a few hours on the allotment today. Talked to some of the guys up there, full of good advice! We came away with three lovely lettuces, three artichokes and a huge onion.

martin digging
It was a fine day as well, almost summer...well, almost I said.

Oh yes, I bought a chilli plant at the weekend from the farmer's market in Ely.

The chillies are not that hot as yet. Some are starting to turn orange with hints of red...ready soon for a curry I hope.


Edgar Crook said...

Dig for Victory!
You know you just need to get a flat cap. But it looks very different from the first photos you must have done a fair amount of work. It looks great, but beware of getting too Waldenishly bucolic, I knew someone who became so attached to their allotment, they started living there in a shed.