Just finished reading 'Not on the label' by Felicity Lawrence, it's an excellent start for anyone wanting the low-down on the food industry in this country (and anywhere else in the West I'd imagine).

One quote that jumped out at me from the section on bagged salad leaves was:
"Time was when we ate lettuces in summer and, following out northern European seasons, switched to root vegetables and brassicas in winter. But now, thanks to global sourcing and advances in packaging technology, we have got used to the idea of eating a variety of salads all year round" (p.29)
This struck a chord. It's only been this year that I've somehow remembered (I'm sure I used to know this, a long time ago) that food is seasonal, that salad leaves grow for a certain time of the year in the UK, as do apples, onions and everything else (excepting the good old hardy perennials of course).

This can't only be my particular foolishness, I'm willing to bet it's a blind spot for all my generation.

We have to learn all this again, how to eat seasonally (how to live seasonally) day in the not to distance future, we may not have a choice in the matter.

On a cheerier note, have a listen to Drink the Elixir, one of my favourite pop-songs of the 90s by Salad:


Hannah said...

If you've got a greenhouse you can do salad stuff most of the year, apparently. I keep meaning to give it a go - apparently stuff like Mizuma is easy. However, I planted around 200 lettuces last year and managed to eat exactly 0 thanks to the slimy bastards, so don't take gardening advice from me!!!

martin said...

slimy bastards are bastard scum