Not getting it

From ASPO (The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas):
The battle against climate change must not take precedence over the need to guarantee energy security, UK Industry Minister John Hutton was quoted as saying today, remarks that signal an apparent policy change. The government has often said climate change is the biggest threat facing the world.

"Of course we've got to tackle climate change, it's a real and present danger for used (sic)," Hutton told the Daily Telegraph in an interview on the newspaper's website.

"But we've also go to be absolutely clear that our energy policy has got to be figured first and foremost with a view to supplying Britain with affordable and secure energy it needs for the future." (see original post)

By secure and affordable energy is Hutton referring to a continued reliance on carbon? The carbon that is either peaked or is peaking? Take your pick: oil gas are peaking (or have peaked) and we certainly don''t have endless supplies of coal and uranium

Climate Change and Energy Security are intrinsically linked and to try to prise them apart and prioritise one over the other...well that scares me.