Peak Oil - it ain't an internet cult

Matt Simmons, Richard Heinberg and John Hemming MP were on the World at One this lunchtime talking about Peak Oil. They all gave an excellent performance, getting to the point very, very quickly.

It was good to hear a British MP talking clearly and bullishly on the issue, the UK government is in denial (with predictions of sometime in 2030 for the peak in production) over peak oil and this is very worrying (though not surprising).

The Transition Towns movement is developing rapidly but there is only so much the community can do without the support of local and central government. Government can mobilise resources, facilitate community-led action, and force through the measures that need to be in place if we have a hope of navigating through what is going to be a fundamental change to the way in which we live.

I'm not a doomer, my nature is to be optimistic about the future but the stakes are very high in this case and we need everyone involved in a collective response (despite the knee-jerk reactions of the ultra-left and some anarchos).