Complete Control

Jo and I watched the Joy Divison film 'Control' last night.  It's an excellent film, enjoyable from many perspectives, very nostalgic, moving, troubled and beaufifully shot by Anton Corbijn.

The only downside is I found myself feeling frustrated that I could have seen this band a dozen times or so times in London, and yet I didn't actually start to like them until after the death of Ian Curtis...sigh.

The film closes with 'Atmosphere', a track that could easily lapse into bathos but instead is a beautiful and majestic brought tears to my eyes.


Edgar Crook said...

You know I liked the film, but didn't actually think that it portrayed Curtis particularly the way I imagined him from accounts and books, I thought the portrayal of a relatively nasty bloke with a Hitler fixation ala 24 hour party people is probably more accurate. But the film was very good and beautifully sounded with the look and feel of the period, that overwhelming 1970s grey and general crappiness.