Alllotment news for November!

Spent a drizzily Sunday morning on the allotment digging, weeding and put down 20 bulbs of garlic.

This adds to the 10 bulbs already planted at home which means 30 bulbs of garlic for the Spring, hurrah! One can not have too much garlic I say.

I really enjoyed the hour and a half of getting muddy and wet, really, I did, honestly. On my arrival home I spread muck through out the house and had a delicious cup of coffee, ah that's the life.

Oh, I also found an online course on food preservation (the next logical step from growing one's own food), run by the 'National Center for Home Food Preservation' , it's free and looks fun. I'll keep you updated, I know you want to know.

To celebrate Monday morning, here's a classic clip by old-time Aussie punks, The Saints:


Tim said...

Cool! About to go over to our allotment and plant some rhubarb & horseradish.

How about a URL for the preservation info? ;)


martin said...

Yes, silly of me not to include the link:

have fun!

Edgar Crook said...

ah The Saints, icons here of course, but then not so much competition, some here even say they invented Punk, but that's the mad ones.