Steps towards great self-sufficiency in food

As an absolute beginner, my approach to local food production (ok, my garden and allotment!) is somewhat here and there...but that's fine.

Like most things of any value the basic idea of growing food is simplicity itself but it can get very complicated if you're that way inclined.

As far as I can see there are four areas that need consideration:
  1. Planning, observing, note-taking, learning
  2. Sowing, tending and harvesting
  3. Storing and preserving
  4. Experimentation to produce higher yields
I'll post more on each of these shortly.

Permaculture - principles and pathways beyond sustainability - David HolmgrenI'm slowly making my way through 'Permaculture - principles and pathways beyond sustainability' by David Holmgren.

It's an fascinating read and easy to see how Permaculture has become such a big influence on the Transition Towns movement.

Holmgren defines Permaculture as:
A design system (that) leads by progressive steps to regaining control over our own sustenance and a realistic rather than romantic understanding of what it means to live within and from nature.
More, also, on this later. Right now I have to get off to work.