Meditating with Shinzen Young

I recently came across the meditation and mindfulness teachings of Shinzen Young. I'm impressed with his 'Easy Rest' method which I tried out this morning for the first time.

With 'Easy Rest', one directs one's attention between sensing/relaxing the body and watching for 'blank' states in the mind's eye.

I sat for 15 minutes and quickly entered a deep state of relaxation in my body, my mind was much clearer than usual, rising thoughts and sensations were at a minimum.

The 15 minutes felt like five, time passed swiftly. The only sound was that of the birds. Mmmmmm, good stuff.


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered Shinzen as well. A couple of weeks ago thx to twitter. And this has led me to his friend and pupil Charles Tart, which you know too apparently. ;)