Working in Feel Space

I'm spending much of today trying my best to pay attention to what is going on in 'feel space'. Shinzen Young describes 'feel' as 'Any body sensation that seems to be emotional in nature'.

So what I'm attempting to do is notice how I'm feeling. Actually, to use Shinzen's method properly, I'm noting 'feel' when I feel something.

Why am I doing this?

I hate it how I sometimes react badly ('unskilfully' to use the Buddhist term) to things that X and/or x do. Just saying 'oh I won't rise to it' hasn't helped.

So, instead, I'm observing what goes on (trying to observe what goes on) in my inner-space. If I can identity (label, note) a ('bad' / unskillful) feeling arising then perhaps I can simply allow it to rise without acting something out.

We'll see.


integral yeshe said...

Hi Martin - what you're doing is great. My dear friend Mushin embarked on a very relevant experiment a while back, which he blogged about every day. You can read about it here:

martin said...

Thanks for this Helen, Mushin's posts look fascinating. Will find some time to go through them carefully.

DanaHarriston said...

This is an interesting concept... never thought to stop and notice how I "feel"