2006 retreat

After some discussion with my lovely wife (Jo), I've sent off a booking form for the Western Zen Retreat, run by the Western Chan Fellowship (WCF) in June of next year. I'm a tiny bit anxious about getting on the retreat after noticing a rave review in a recent (23rd Dec) review published in the Independent. How many other folk will want to escape from the memory of Christmas decadence by booking a Zen retreat in the Summer? "Too many!" or so claims my paranoid mind.

The retreat centre is in an isolated valley in Wales with no electricity, phone or mobile reception, sounds heavenly! The WCF also run a well organised and designed website, which is always a good sign.

Plenty of other stuff I could post this bright morning but Harry wants to go out and build a snowman, which is quite right on this sunny, snowy Fenland day.


Umguy said...

Sounds like a great retreat. Hope you get in.

martin said...

I'm in!