Dresden Style

Wow, finished work today until January 9th. Great stuff. Right now I'm feeling physically not so good. Both legs hurt, my right hand is sore and my lower back is starting to complain. So two weeks away from work and commuting will do me a lot of good.

The Christmas deluge will be upon me very soon, so may not be around to post much until after Boxing Day. Happy Christmas to anyone who looks at my blog, and Happy Christmas to everyone else in the world.

I can look back at the last year, pleased with two concrete achievements:

  1. No smoking since March (inc spliffs, cigars etc)
  2. A regular sitting practice since April (I never would have thought at that time that I could last 30 minutes on the cushion!
But let's leave all this for another post, a round up of the year, if you like. Also, a look forward to the next year.



Umguy said...

Congrats on the accomplishments. Couldn't have been easy. Hope the break is recuperative.

Karl Bedingfield said...

Happy Christmas Martin, enjoyed reading :)

martin said...

Happy Christmas to you all as well!

Feelin' better already (just re-read Hunter S Thompson's classic report on the Kentucky Derby, which always cracks me up! )