100 Club

This is my one hundreth post since starting this blog, who would have thought I'd manage to keep it up?

To celebrate the occasion, I'm drinking a bottle of 'Rabbit Poacher' ale that I purchased at the farmer's market today in Ely. Rabbit Poacher is brewed by the 'Fenland (Isle of Ely) Brewery' and is really quite lovely. The man at the stall told me they've managed to get the beer into a few local supermarkets and pubs and have stalls at the various markets throughout the region.

Mmmm, I will most definitely have to buy some more.

The only downer is their website: www.elybeer.co.uk, which is not well designed and fails to work in Firefox, not a good marketing move when you consider the amount of geeks who like a good bitter, or four.


Tim said...

You're right about their website Martin. I'm using 'Flock' (read 'Firefox Modified')and their home page has the text 'Click on picture to enter site'. Except there's no picture - just a black backround! Why don't we punt some (our) freelance design / coding services / SEO skills at them :)

martin said...

they could certainly do with some advice, I wonder who did the design, it's hard to believe in this day and age it can get so bad...