Wow, I had a lucid dream last night. I just love lucid dreams, there are few things more fun in this world than lucid dreaming, and it's free and healthy!

It's the strangest thing, there I am having an ordinary, run-of-the-mill dream and then...there's a sudden realisation, as if you've suddenly just realised that someone's being playing a trick on's a dream! But the thing is you don't wake up (not this time at least), and then comes the wonderful thought...'oh, I can do anything I want'. This is where it gets tricky...what to do? It's important to act swiftly because, in my experience, lucidity does not last for long.

So this time I decided to fly, I had an audience of friends from the non-lucid part of the dream already in attendance. 'Look at me' I shouted (just like my five year old says to me), I ran down a beautifully manicured lawn, threw my arms up into the air, Superman style, and launched myself gracefully into the air.

Thirty, forty, fifty feet into the sky. I turn around, my friends are all looking...I then feel the dream start to fade, everything gets blurred, I wake up, nighttime, in bed, exhilarated.


Umguy said...

Very cool.

Seems like when I encounter a moment like that what happens in the dream is I try to do anything I want and have a limited degree of success. Then I wind up not entirely sure where it's a dream or not. Then the experience kind of fades.

martin said...

yes, I know what you mean about that and I guess this is where reality testing is useful.